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Who are we

Natural Cycle Energy Inc  (NCE) and its R&D arm, R4 Ventures LLC (R4V) is applying semi-conductor clean room cooling methods, energy saving techniques, alternative fuel sources in cooling and heating as well as incorporating the earth’s natural water cycle in the development of cooling and heating technologies that can provide significant energy cost savings of 60 to 75% over existing traditional mechanical cooling and heating technologies.  This approach also significantly reduces green house gas (GHG) emissions by the same 60 to 75% and significantly reduces water use associated with the production of power in electrical generation plants.  Our technologies are targeting extremely high energy use markets including data centers, process cooling in industrial and manufacturing applications and high energy using commercial and industrial buildings. Additionally, NCE is developing cooling and heating technologies and systems using natural gas and propane as an alternative fuel source for residential, commercial and industrial applications.  One high potential target market in which our technologies and systems is being implemented is in all classes of Data Centers (DCs) in the United States.  Currently, DCs use 2.5% of the total electricity produced in the United States in the operation of DCs with 40% of this electricity being used for cooling.  This equates to 1% of all the electricity produced in the United States is being used to cool Data Centers.  NCE cooling technologies and systems will reduce energy usage & costs in Data Centers by 60 to 75%.  NCE patents, commercializes and brings to market these unique cooling and heating technologies through our internal R&D lab; contract R&D strategic partnership with R4 Ventures LLC and network of scientists, inventors and collaborators; national laboratory and university affiliations; strategic partnerships; and contract manufacturing and distribution relationships.

NCE is developing unique products, technologies and systems through existing or new patents, technology transfer agreements and/or new patent applications. Final system purchase price objectives for NCE’s products and systems sold to end user clients is targeting a 17 to 25% IRR yielding a 3 to 5 year simple payback based on energy savings without government tax credits, incentives or rebates.


Our vision is to be the recognized technology and solutions development leader in the global energy, environmental, security and human life sustaining (water, nutrition) technology and services industries. We will engineer, design, research, develop, and facilitate commercialization of innovative energy efficiency technologies and solutions, alternative and renewable energy technologies and solutions, fresh water extraction technologies and solutions, sustainable water resources, and food crop production technologies and solutions. We will achieve this leadership position through the experience of our scientific and engineering staff and network of Subject Matter Experts in developing proprietary ... patentable technologies and through technology transfer agreements with our global technology partners. 


Our purpose is to create superior energy, environmental, security and human life sustaining (water, nutrition) technologies and solutions for our licensees; global partners; customers; and local, regional, national, and global governments through the engineer, design, research, develop, and facilitate commercialization of innovative technologies and solutions in our industries of expertise in a cost effective, safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sound manner.

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